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Our home is provided with a 43” LG.Smart TV and remote. Stream  (commercial free) Netflix,  Access many free channels. Please use “Dunraven House” icon or login to your own account to keep up with your favorite shows. Please do not Charge movies.

“How to Stream you favorite TV shows and Movies” • • * Turn on/off TV with top red button

*Push blue  “home” button to take you to channel selection "house icon" 

* Navigate right, left, up, down by pushing arrow buttons Once you have found preferred channel you like push “OK”

*Press “ Guide” to bring up a list of all channels and again scroll up or down to select your channel and press “ OK"

* Volume is on left side of the HOME button. Programme change is on the right side Always push “home” button to take you back to App selection Always push “OK” button after navigating to location

* For Netflix press the “ Netflix” button and select “ Dunraven House “  account for Netflix Select a channel with the option to choose from various categories such as popular, trending, movies etc. If you pick a show that has many series and episodes, you will need to navigate to the selection of which “season” and which “episode” you want to watch. News: Unfortunately many news channels to not stream 24/7 or we would have a wider selection. We have CBS News Live, NewsON and NBC News Now for up to date news. You can watch other news channels for recorded news clips. CBS Sunday. 

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