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Oven and Hob - Electric hob and brand new oven- The right hand dial on oven is the temperature and the left hand dial is to turn on relevant part of oven. Please note there is no timer. There is also an instruction booklet in the draw to left of the sink.

Oven and Hob.jpg

Washing Machine - You have the main on/off dial in the centre. Turn to the right to switch on and select the desired wash setting and then press the START button on the right hand side. There are extra settings also which is a digital display on the right hand side.. Load your washing and pop a laundry pod into the main cycle with your washing . You also have a compartment on the top left if you want to use fabric conditioner. Make sure the door is shut firmly. Adjust the dials for the type of load you have and the temperature you require and press “ Start “. When the load has finished you will see “ END “ on the front of the machine. You can now open the door and unload.


Microwave  - Instructions for the Cookworks microwave is in the draw next to the microwave.



Heating - There is a thermostat on the wall by the stairs. The house is warm generally . Adjust the dial slowly until you hear a click to turn it on and move to your desired temperature. Please ensure to turn down to a low level when out of the house and at checkout. Please do NOT touch the boiler controls.

Waste and Recycling The waste and recycling bins are located directly outside the property next to the garage. Black is general rubbish , Green is recycling. Please seperate your trash accordingly.

BIN DAY is Thursday ! Please leave relevant bins to the front on the pavement on Wednesday Night

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