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About Me

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Hello, I’m Sasha, Director and Founder of Jesswood Properties. Born and bred in Hertfordshire. I have a passion for property, however my background actually lies in Entertainment and Presenting, which I have over 15 years of experience in. I bought my first residential property back in 2008, but then I became an accidental landlord when I decided to travel the world working on Cruise Ships, as an Assistant Cruise Director with Princess Cruises and then later on as a Luxury Brand TV shopping Presenter, selling stunning diamonds and gemstones. (My other huge passion). 


Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances that all came to an end in May 2019 and I made the decision to come home. For several months I was lost and was stuck finding something else I loved to put my heart and passion into, that I could pursue back on land .I decided to combine my love for presenting and property and set up my Property Investment and Management Company, Jesswood Properties.  


Having travelled extensively around the world through my work I have been fortunate to stay in some amazing hotels over the years and so I have come to understand what a guest expects when staying away from home, especially for long periods of time. I decided to work for myself utilising my skills in customer service with a keen eye for detail/design and decided to go into the hospitality industry.


When setting up Jesswood Properties this enabled me to put into practice what I am really passionate about and hope this comes across and can be seen in the look and feel of the interior of our properties. Creating a memorable experience is more than just great hospitality it’s a way of life. We live this ethos each and every day here at Jesswood Properties.

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