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Key Benefits

How it works
We are always looking for Letting Agents to work with, to rent houses and flats on a long-term basis. We solve problems for agents; they receive their fees because we want to retain their expertise whilst removing the headache of time-consuming maintenance, management and tenant issues that they would normally need to do:

Letting Agents provide us with properties that are suitable for Corporate tenants, Professionals and Contractors (site managers, engineers and quantity surveyors etc) who need to accommodate staff on long term projects.

Letting Agents benefit from receiving long-term management fees, without having to manage the properties
themselves or deal with tenants. Letting Agents can also benefit by taking on multi let / HMO, or even probate and distressed properties, which we will consider refurbishing.

Here are a few of the other main benefits for agents who work with us

  • You do not have to find tenants

  • You do not have to manage tenants

  • You do not have to manage the property

  • You are fully included in the agreement

  • You receive the management fee from the landlord (if the property is managed by you)

  • You create an additional source of income without having to commit much of your time or resources

  • You are able to generate a revenue stream from properties that you may have previously avoided

  • Reduced workload

  • almost zero maintenance

  • much less paperwork

  • no arrears to chase

  • no more transfer of utilities or council tax

  • no checkout inspections

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