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Property info & appliances for


The kitchen is brand new and most of the appliances are also.

Oven and hob - This is an electric induction hob and oven. This means when switched on the Hob panels will be hot but you will not see or feel the heat. They make a noise so you know they are on. An instruction booklet is by the microwave. The switches to turn on and off by the mains are located on the wall near the kettle and toaster. The clock on the oven needs to be set to a time ( any time ) in order for the oven to work.

 Washer  / Dryer- There are laundry tablets in the cupboard under the sink.

Heating - The apartment has gas central heating. The temperature has been pre-set but there are quick guide instructions next to the heating appliance should you need to adjust. Please ensure to turn it down to a low level when out of the house and at checkout.

Fridge  There is an under-counter fridge and freezer box. You should not need to adjust any settings. If you run into any difficulties (e.g. it's not cooling efficiently) please let us know.

Waste and Recycling The waste and recycling bins are located directly outside the property and are numbered. There is one for 24a.. Please only use this bin. Please separate your trash accordingly.

BIN DAY is Thursday so please leave relevant bins to the front on the pavement making sure not to block the driveway, on Wednesday evening.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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