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The kitchen is fully equipped with every thing you should need , including washing machine , oven and electric Hob , dishwasher and microwave.
(Microwave instructions are in kitchen drawer)


Follow link for online instructions should you require them. Please do not overload.

Washing Machine

* The washing machine is set to a 40 degree wash and at a 1200 spin *

This can be adjusted to suit your desired cycle and wash load. The “ On /Off “ button is located on the right hand side.

The main switch for both the dishwasher and washing machine is located to the right on the blue panel.

Oven and hob

This is an electric hob and oven. The switches to turn on and off by the mains are located on the wall near the microwave. The 4 Hob dials are located on the right and the 2 oven dials are on the left.
All dials are clearly labelled for usage . 


The house has gas central heating throughout and is controlled by a digital nest display thermostat located in the kitchen next to the microwave .
* Please do not remove *

To increase or decrease temperature, rotate the outer silver dial right and left. Please keep the temperature under 23 degrees and ensure to turn it down to a low level when out of the house and at checkout.

Fridge Freezer

You should not need to adjust any settings. If you run into any difficulties (e.g. it's not cooling efficiently) please let us know.

Waste and Recycling

The waste and recycling bins are located directly outside the front of the property next to Arch entrance . WEDNESDAY is collection day and rotates every 2 weeks from recycling and general rubbish collections so please leave relevant bins on the front on the pavement on TUESDAY evening please

IMPORTANT - please put the relevant items in correct bins and do not overload .

BLUE - lid - Recycling only
( tins , cardboard, plastic , etc )

BLACK - bin - General rubbish

BROWN - Garden waste

For more info on collection days :

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