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The kitchen is modern and most of the appliances are brand new. Instruction booklets for the appliances are in the kitchen draw 2nd down to the left of.

Oven and Hob. This is an electric oven and gas hob. To use the Hob.

Push down on the hold the required dial whilst turning anti clock wise. Hold for a few seconds to allow the flame to light then release the dial.

To increase the heat turn slowly clockwise and continue to turn if you want to turn the hob off. 

Please note : Currently The 3  hobs from top left down to bottom right including the large centre hob will need a large fire lighter to light. This will be found next to the hob or in the cutlery draw.

Washing Machine-  Brand new Beko washing machine

• Insert clothes into the drum with required laundry tablets 
• Close the door 
•  Turn the dial clockwise to desired setting. 
• Press, the Start/ Pause button, hold for a for seconds and release until the machine comes on

Heating - The house has gas central heating throughout and there is a Thermostat located on the side next to the fridge. to Control press “Man” for ON and OFF to turn off. To adjust the temperature simply press the + or -  buttons.  These are the only buttons you will need to touch.  Please ensure to turn down to a low level or off when out of the house and at checkout.

Fridge & Freezer - Brand new beko fridge freezer with water dispenser. You should not need to adjust any settings. If you run into any difficulties (e.g. it's not cooling efficiently) please let us know.

Waste and Recycling The waste and recycling bins are located directly outside the property on the driveway. Please seperate your trash accordingly. Bin day is THURSDAY

Please move the relevant bins to the very front of the driveway, or just on the pavement on the Monday night, otherwise they will not get emptied.

Black Bin - General Rubbish in black bags
Green Bin - Recycling ONLY - Cardboard, plastic, cans etc
Brown Bin - Garden Waste Only

Thank you!

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