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Property info & appliances for


Oven and Hob. The oven and hob are both electric. There are 4 dials located on the hob for each hob ring
and 2 dials for the oven.

Washing Machine- 

• Insert clothes into the drum with required laundry tablets 
• Close the door 
•  Turn the dial clockwise to desired setting. 
• Press, the Start/ Pause button, hold for a for seconds and release until the machine comes on

Heating - The house has gas central heating throughout and there is a NEST Thermostat located next to the microwave. To adjust the temperature please move the dial either to the left or the right. Please ensure to turn down to a low level or off when out of the house and at checkout.

Fridge Freezer - You should not need to adjust any settings. If you run into any difficulties (e.g. it's not cooling efficiently) please let us know.

Waste and Recycling The waste and recycling bins are located directly outside the property. Please separate your trash accordingly. Bin day is Wednesday. Please ensure to put the bin on the pavement on Tuesday night to ensure it get's emptied.

Thank you!

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